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Entries by tag: poker

Seems like we've not played in ages. Also, due to parents visiting twice fairly recently, the house is in a presentable state, So, anyone up for a game on Fri 22nd? (With option for DVDs if we're not quorate.)

End of year poker?
Anyone feel like playing a little end-of-year poker later this month?

If so, does anyone feel like going to Napoleon's to play in a cheap £5 buy-in tournament? I've thought about it for a while, and been meaning to, but kept putting it off. Mostly because I'd prefer going with a bunch of mates, but that means organising something, which I keep not getting around to. Until now.

So, how about it?

They run a £5 buy-in + £1 entry fee tournament every Thursday, including Thursday 30th Dec. Cheap enough? And when we get knocked out, there's are cash games to fill out the evening.

Anyone interested?
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Poker started off well between thegreatgonzo, gwengothelf, pharrap, seriesobadjokes and me. I was getting good cards, and taking money off almost everyone. After a couple of hours or so, I was ~£20 up.

Then the good cards just stopped. I kept getting rubbish like 6-10 off suit. Slowly, slowly, slowly I was just whittled away by the blinds, and the occasional pre-flop call when I had something like K-8 which seemed miles better than anything else I'd had in ages but still failed to hit anything with.

Of course, I'd get runs where I'd fold absolute rubbish, e.g. 4-8, and then would have hit trips on a 4-4-K flop, 2 or 3 hands in a row. Folding 4-8 is *always* the right thing to do, but I do with the flop wouldn't taunt me so. FFS!

Then I finally got a hand with Q-K in the hole (best hole cards in ages) and a Q-Q-2 flop. I went all-in against thegreatgonzo who showed 2-?. Of course he hit another 2 on the turn for a full house against my trips, and busted me out. So I bought back in, got whittled down to about £5 and busted out again. I can't remember how; it wasn't that spectacular. Then I bought back in *again*, and managed to hang on to most of it for the remaining ~20 mins that we kept playing.

Ended up £21.40 down. Combine this with the £10 loss in early Jan and the £10 loss at new year, that puts me £41.40 down for the year already.

In all 3 cases, I've been up by quite a lot after the first 2-3 hours, and then had the cards almost completely dry up, get whittled down by the blinds, and mostly end up losing by betting on really mediocre cards that I shouldn't be betting on, simply because they'd been marginally better than the utter crap I'd been getting the rest of the time. Either I need to start cashing out early, or learn better patience and not bet on crap just because I'm in the middle of a 4-hour long dry spell.

Even so, I did have a good time. Roll on March!

(Edit, 2009-02-14 13:28 - add lj usernames of people I was playing against)

First poker game in a while last night, and it went pretty well.

5-way £10 tournament, split £35/£15 for 1st/2nd, using all the chips in the worldgwengothelf's big new set.

I was doing pretty well at the start, and won a fair few hands, quite a few of them a reasonable size, to pretty much double my stack. I then lost a couple of big hands.

One of them I went in with K9 to an AAK board, losing to seriesobadjokes's KQ which he was all in on. The other I went in with an A kicker to 2255 on the board, completely trapped by thegreatgonzo's hole 22. At least I didn't try to push him all in on that one!

After that I still had a reasonable stack, but never managed to do much else and the cards started to run a bit dry. Finished 4th, but had a great time doing so. I also enjoyed it that we stayed 5-handed for quite a long time.

We will have to get back into playing poker somewhat regularly this year. BTW, if anyone else would like to play, head on over to sheff_holdem where we'll be sorting out February's game.

The morning after. Afternoon. Whatever.
Ow my head.

And apologies to anyone unfortunate enough to hear my singing last night.

♫...'cos I'm wanted (waaaaanted!) dead or aliiiive.♫

Great party though. Thanks delanthear, keitel and asw909 for the main event, and gourou for the after-party guitar hero/rock band, poker and related fun.

Played OK. Finished up £18.

Pleased with:
Staying patient through 3 hours of rubbish cards and just waiting for things to get better.
Not having to say to myself "I should never have been in that hand."

Need to improve:
Must stop paying to see the turn card "just in case" when the odds are bad and even if I had hit what I was looking for, it *still* wouldn't have been a great hand. (Still, at least I got out after the turn)

Not sure about:
Playing 'til 04:30. It was kind of fun, and it certainly helped my winnings (thanks Carl! :). But, by that time no-one could remember what cards they had from the start of the hand to the end and had to keep looking back at them, and when it finally came to cash-out we had a bit of difficuly figuring out how to portion the change out so that everyone got what they needed. Given that the ability to count, add and subtract is probably useful while playing poker, I can't be sure how good some of the decisions that were being made toward the end might have been, but at least we were all in the same boat.

Most importantly:
Had fun. Thanks to everyone there.