Grok McTanys (grok_mctanys) wrote,
Grok McTanys

Happy summer solstice! + BBQ news

I hope you make better use of your longest day than I'm probably going to!

Anyway, axial tilt may be the reason for the season, but the elliptical eccentricity of our orbit as as good a reasonexcuse as any for a barbecue.

So, to celebrate this year's aphelion, or my anti-birthday, or the British Grand Prix (which I'll have on the telly), or just the nice weather, barbecue at mine on Sunday July 5th. Feel free to drop by from noonish. I'll light the coals for lunch around 1pm, and keep enough on hand that if people want to stick around into the evening that we can do that.
Tags: aphelion, bbq, reallife, social, solstice

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