November 27th, 2016

Xmas lard, new year and birthday

First, we - that is, me, RJ, GT, RC & SC, MW, JH and EC & KC & EC & TC - are all booked in to Vito's for Wednesday the 7th of December, in my name. That's not this coming Wednesday (Nov 30th) but the one after. Meet in The Rose House beforehand for a drink.

Second, I'll be hosting a new year gathering at mine for anyone... who I know. And your +1s (or +2s, if that's you) or family members. At which I will also be celebrating my birthday, becuase it's close enough that it makes sense to do so.

Um, that's it for now. If I'm lucky, I might get around to finishing one or more of the 4 or so blog posts I have in various stages of progress, some time before then. But maybe not. :-/

See you soon.