November 10th, 2007

Youtube extravaganza

thegreatgonzo's post the other day reminded me of a Victoria Wood skit that I think is pure comedy genius and decided I had to share. (Yes, I already posted it as a comment to that blog, but what the hell.)

That made me have a look around for other comedy songs and found Billy Bragg and Bill Bailey performing "Unisex chip shop" together.

Then there was last night at gourou's party wherein there was poker (which I'd like to forget about) and much Guitar Hero. I played GH for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This reminded me in mind of a link I found somewhere (probably /.) to a World Series of Video Games finals run of Jordan, which was a song I'd never heard of before I saw that link. The WSVG thing was a live event, so the guy only got one shot at it which made his run, I thought, "pretty damn good". My bad. Now I've played GH I can say that that is fricking awesome!

Still, not quite as awesome as this run of it, a how to play Solo B on slowest and a 100% run of Solos B-D on slow which are just insane.

Um, I think that's about it. Enjoy!