October 20th, 2007


Good atmosphere. Good beer. Good company. Good conversation.

That's all I fucking want. Is it really too much to fucking ask for in Hillsborough?

Good atmosphere. Somewhere where the bar staff are, if not welcoming, then at least don't make me feel like I'm imposing on them by being there and - heavens forbid - ordering drinks. I just want somewhere I feel I can relax.

Good beer. A wide and varying range of ales is a great. One or two nice beers (say, Black Sheep and Moonshine) would do.

Good company. Well, that's you lot. :)

Good conversation. Note - shouting at each other over excessive background noise and having to go "WHAT?" every third sentence is not "good conversation". This means no jukeboxes. It means no huge TVs showing sports with the commentary turned up and the rest of the pub shouting/cheering at it. And it means no fucking bands every fucking week without something solid between them and the people I'm trying to talk to.

The Moon hit all of these until recently. The staff were the friendliest out of most pubs I've been to, the beer is ace, you lot are there, and they only had a band on every now and then. But 3 weeks ago, last week, this week, and apparently next week as well? Give me a break!

Edit: Yes, I know they're getting their back room sorted out Real Soon Now(TM), but couldn't they hold off on the bands until they do?

I do not want to have to up sticks and traipse somewhere else halfway through the evening every week - it cuts into valuable drinking time. Especially with getting everyone to finish their drinks at roughly the same time to go somewhere else together. (Not a dig at anyone - just at the general inconvenience of impromptu organisation when everyone's, including me, has already had a drink.) I'd rather just go somewhere else to begin with.

But I also don't want to move pubs again. Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

So I guess I'm stuck with making the trek to the HH at ~8:30 from now on. :(

But back to my original question - is a good atmosphere, good beer and good conversation really so little in demand in Hillsborough that nowhere seems to want to cater to it? Really? The {Fat,Dev} Cat seem to be doing pretty well catering to it in town and out Kelham Island way. Why not Hillsborough?